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Features of Shamballa

Giri Pradakshina Patham

Sun is the source of all life-energy. Earth revolves around the Sun and acquires light, energy and resources to support life. Moon revolves around the Earth, accumulates the energies grasped by the Earth from Sun and exhibits the effulgent moonlight. One, who circumambulates around an energy source, though unknowingly, not only accumulates the energy in oneself but also acquires the characteristics of that energy source. It is an established scientific fact that any body circumambulating around an energy source gets energized. Therefore, circumambulating the hillock of Mount Shamballa that has been handpicked by the Supreme Masters as their abode and has been declared as the spiritual headquarters of the universe could yield unfathomable physical and spiritual benefits. 

The Giri Pradakshina Patham begins with an abode of Sri Hanuman, who is capable of showering the Ashta Siddhis and the Nava Nidhis. On its way, prophets and proponents of all the world religions along with the Supreme Masters of the Akhanda Gurusatta are seen. Ashta Lakshmi, the giver of abundance and grandeur is seen at regular intervals around the Patham. 49 Agnis, corresponding to the 49 Marutganas of Shiva are installed around the Patham. The four Vibhutis (characteristics) of the Viswaroopa – the Sudarshana chakra (the discus), the Panchajanya Shank (the conch), the Kaumodaki (the mace) and the Padma (the lotus) are installed at the four corners of the Patham. There is also a special Sadhana through the Giri Pradakshina Patham. While treading from Santana Lakshmi (3rd Lakshmi) to Gaja Lakshmi (4th Lakshmi), one has to affirm in one’s thought that all the hardships that they might be facing have been annihilated totally and completely and that they are now free of those hardships forever. Contemplated reading of “Gajendra Moksham” from the Srimadbhagavata at the premises of Gaja Lakshmi would help one to tread past one’s dire financial troubles and live in effluence. These traits can be achieved by the awakening of the Swadhishtana Chakram. In a yogi’s perspective, Shamballa is a pool of solar energies. A Sadhaka would imbibe the solar energies within him/her by circumambulating around Mount Shamballa–The Global Power Center. Giri Pradakshina is culminated by bowing to Sri Gayatri Mata, who is again a giver of all the Ashta Siddhis and Nava Nidhis. Giri Pradakshina around Mount Shamballa–The Global Power Center would surely exterminate all the negative Karma and thus pave way not only to fulfill all desires but also begins Yoga Sadhana internally. Giri Pradakshina around the Mount Shamballa hillock marks a beginning of transforming humans into Divine Beings.

Dakshina Murthy Dhyansthal and the Kundalini Rock

Expansion of consciousness to become omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient can be only achieved by the Divine grace of the Master under deep Silence. In the state of effortful meditative silence, the consciousness experiences a state of emptiness. In that state, traits and energies of the Divine Beings express themselves out. Sri Dakshina Murthy, the embodiment of Supreme Knowledge and Bliss blesses the humanity to attain such a state at Mount Shamballa.

On the south end of Mount Shamballa, through the Giri Pradakshina Patham, there is a cave in which Sri Dakshina Murthy resides. This cave provides deep meditative state to the Sadhaka instantaneously and naturally. The rock at the entrance of the cave has taken a shape of a hood of a snake, cracked at its center, which depicts the Ida and Pingala Naadis on either side of the hood and the Sushumna Naadi running through the center of the hood, thus balancing both Ida and Pingala. A rock in such a shape depicts the awakening of the Kundalini. Having known the significance of this fact about this place and the rock formation, Mastergaru has named this rock as the “Kundalini Rock”.

Brain rock

Human brain is an incredible treasure. Man’s success is solely dependent on the activation and balance between the two hemispheres of the brain, the two most parts of it that project into conscious and subconscious states of the mind. Scientists have deciphered that electromagnetic energy activates the brain right up to the subtlest activity inside viz., the movement of the neurons. Huge amount of Prana Shakti is tapped from the cosmos into the human body through the Medulla Oblongata of the brain. One may consciously put efforts to enhance the power to tap more energy. A natural formation of rock at Mount Shamballa–The Global Power Center represents to the minutest detail the human brain and thus named as the “Brain Rock”. Meditating at the Brain Rock benefits the Sadhaka in ridding off whatever mental ailments and imbalances one may possess and in sharpening the brain to take up and handle tough tasks.

The natural rock formations of the Brain Rock, representing the left and right hemispheres of the human brain, are bestowed with divine healing powers. Because of the linkup of Mount Shamballa–The Global Power Center with Divine cosmic energies, meditative sessions at the Brain Rock would certainly awaken subtle latent energies within us and activate certain mystic glands inside. Development of a firm will power is an added physical benefit. Spiritually the Sahasraara gets awakened. For the consciousness to ascend to the state Super Mind, Mount Shamballa’s Brain Rock is a proficient tool.

Bhageeratha Tapassu

It is documented in the Puranas that the penance done by the king Bhageeratha to descend the holy Ganges onto the Earth is one of the most formidable and praiseworthy penances ever done. As a result of the penance, when the Divine Ganges descended onto the Earth, its flow was so tremendous that the Earth couldn’t have handled it. At that moment, Lord Shiva held Her into His hair braid and then released only a portion of the Ganges onto the Earth. In the same way, when the Evolutionary process is heading at tremendous pace, the Supreme Masters have handpicked Mount Shamballa–The Global Power Center to be a platform for transforming humans into Divine Beings. 

Sadhakas may meditate at the Bhageeratha Tapassu to imbibe knowledge of solar rays through continuous recital of “Yanmandalam Deeptikaram Vishaalam” and meditating upon the “Savitr Mandala Madhyavarthi”, the Sun.

Vishwa Kacchapa

There is another natural rock formation over Mount Shamballa, which takes a shape of a grand turtle and hence is called the “Vishwa Kacchapa”. The grand turtle is the basis for the awakening of the Kundalini. During the churning of the Ksheera Sagara by the Devas and the Danavas, in order to form a base for the Mount Mandara, which was used as a churning rod, Lord Sri Maha Vishnu took an incarnation of the Great Turtle (Koormaavatar) and held the churning rod on His hard shell. Koorma is the basis for all of Kundalini awakening. Psychically, human spine is the churning rod. By the action of inhalation and exhalation, the churning rod is churned into the mind and the divine nectar is extracted.

The turtle that holds the churning rod is located at the base of the spine. Meditating at the Vishwa Kacchapa at Mount Shamballa, helps awaken the internal Kacchapa, thus paving way to Kundalini awakening. During the Sadhana, the five senses should be drawn inwards, just like a turtle does when it senses danger, and the energies of the senses should be diverted towards the Sadhana. This magnanimous Sadhana near the Vishwa Kacchapa is highly inspirational.


The Holy Cow is an embodiment of all Divine Energies. Lord Sri Krishna had been an exemplary cowherd and had taken care of the cows so well. There are no desires that go unfulfilled by serving the cow. Goshala at Mount Shamballa helps in understanding the science of service, thus nullifying the karmas and expanding one’s consciousness. On every full moon day, there is a special Yajnya that is conducted, which is called the “Chandra Gayatri sahita Sapta Go Pradakshina Yajnya”. A very extraordinary activity in itself, this Yajnya provides the participants with health, prosperity and auspiciousness. 

The objective is to establish a “Sahasra Goshala” (1000 cows) and to install and expand an R&D facility working on the science of cows so as to profess to the world the greatness and dependability of the cows and also to achieve self-reliance in developing and marketing cow-based products, which has already taken shape at Mount Shamballa.

Vishwa Kunadalini Sri Gayatri Maha Shakti Sthupa

Vishwa Kundalini Sri Gayatri Maha Shakti Sthupa has been erected at Mount Shamballa as an instrument to hasten the evolutionary process of the universe. On 21st December 2012, the very day on which catastrophic happenings were expected all over the world that could change the facets of the world and humanity forever, the Sthupa was erected with a count of 24 lakhs of Gayatri Mantra Lekhanas consolidated, stacked up and stored underneath. Beneath the Sthupa and the stockpile of Gayatri Mantra Lekhanas, lies the most benevolent Yoga Maya Shakti in the form of “Jagajjanani Sri Maha Yogeswari Devi”, the very basis for the Vishwa Kundalini, adorned with seven heads hued in seven colors of the spectrum, with 14 arms decorated with divine instruments, and with the planet Earth itself as Her vehicle. She grandly represents the seven Chakras of the subtle planes and the seven planes of the consciousness and is responsible for universalizing the yogic concepts and practices to the entire world and humanity, which were until now considered concealed and mystic. The “Vishwaguru”, the one who controls, commands and rules all the realms of the consciousness is seen at the same Sthupa in the form of a “Shiva linga”. 

The Vishwaguru is consorted by “Jataayu” and “Sampaathi” on the either sides, which represent the concepts of lung breathing and diaphragm breathing. Practice of the science of breathing leads to expansion of the consciousness. “Jataayu” and “Sampaathi” on either sides of the Sthupa indicate the IDA and PINGALA Naadis and the Sthupa Itself indicates the SUSHUMNA Naadi, through which the Kundalini transcends. Sadhanas at the Sthupa on Mount Shamballa would lead to the imbibing of the Yoga Maya Shakti in our lives.

Sandeepani Ashram

Since times unknown, a tradition of Gurukuls was being followed in India for one’s education and fortification of one’s character. It was because of this Gurukul tradition that India had prospered and looked upon to by the rest of the world. We see in history that sons of emperors and sons of common men were sent to Gurukuls and Ashrams to obtain formal education. The pupils were very obedient to the Masters and considering them as the Ultimate, learnt from them the Vedas, the Vedangas, sciences and arts of living, various aspects of Astras and Shastras etc. Sri Krishna, in his childhood, has obtained His formal education at the Ashram of Sage Sandeepani. 

The Ashram of the great Sage was embellished with rich natural beauty and grandeur that drove the pupils into meditative states effortlessly. Natural antagonism between a cow and a lion was forgotten in that Ashram and the two creatures lived together harmoniously. At this Ashram, Sri Krishna took 64 days to learn 64 faculties of life and finally He brought back to life His Guru’s dead son and gifted him back to his father as Guru Dakshina. This is an example of intense devotion towards the Guru and an effective utilization of the Vidya obtained from him. The Supreme Masters are keen on rejuvenating these great Yogic faculties and making them available for the mankind, with an only aim of bringing back the glory of India as a World Master (Jagadguru). With the same inspiration, Sandeepani Ashram has been established at Mount Shamballa. Located at a serene environment on the hillock, with a stream of water flowing down the line, Sandeepani Ashram at Mount Shamballa reminds us of the tranquil and peaceful Ashrams of the ancient times. In the vicinity of the Ashram, 24 energy streams (Shakti Dhara) of Gayatri are installed in the form of a square. This arrangement helps the Sadhakas to quickly grasp the Maha Vidyas that are disseminated from Sandeepani Ashram. It is left to the Sadhakas to enhance their eligibility and efficiency. “The Great India starts from here” is the clarion call given by Mastergaru citing this place. Let us all join hands to learn these Maha Vidyas that are being disseminated from Sandeepani Ashram, and participate in the great mission to reestablish India as the World Leader. Sandeepani Ashram welcomes all the proud children of Mother India to take active part in this mission.

World Spiritual Library

Supreme Masters are deeply desirous of establishing a Scientific Religion on this planet. During the ancient times, universities like Nalanda and Takshasila were attracting pupils from all over the world by imparting knowledge that knew no boundaries of religion and race. Today, we have instructions from the Supreme Masters to impart such unconfined knowledge of the evolutionary process to the entire humanity, only by which India could rightfully occupy the throne of the World Teacher. At this juncture of the dawn of New Era, a disease–free, old age–free and a death–free life is at everyone’s disposal. The same Vidya is being propagated as the concepts of Scientific Spirituality by Mount Shamballa, The Global Power Center, which has a direct connection with the divine energy streams of the Himalayas. 

Mastergaru has assured us all that by understanding the concepts of Scientific Spirituality and by being on par with the universal evolutionary process, which is speeding up at a never-before pace, humanity can be easily transformed as Divine Beings.

With the divine inspiration of Mastergaru, a World Spiritual Library is planned as a very important wing of Mount Shamballa that could propagate the concepts of Scientific Spirituality to humanity. With the blessings of Akhanda Gurusatta, there are about 12,000 books treasured in the World Spiritual Library that were thoroughly read by Mastergaru each at least thrice. Besides the books offering knowledge of various Sadhanas pertaining to the lives and messages of Akhanda Gurusatta, there are books by world renowned authors on developmental aspects of human psyche, books on various Shastras, various faiths and religions, fiction and non-fiction, a very rare collection of Vedic and Puranic literature and so on. A mission to streamline the regularization and retrieval of all these books is underway at Mount Shamballa on par with the standards of library sciences.

Meditation Hall

Daily chores at the Meditation Hall include three meditations of

  • “Teen Shareeron ka Dhyaan”
  • “Jyothi Avadharan Sadhana”
  • “Naad Yog”

along with classes, discourses and workshops on the concepts of Scientific Spirituality. Meditation Hall is also adorned by Sri Sai, Sri Dattatreya and Lord Surya.

Our goal

Our goal at Mount Shamballa is to imbibe into all humanity the Sadhanas of Akhanda Gurusatta into our lives, sequentially understand the essence of the 24 works of Alice Bailey channeled through Master Djwhalkhul, practice the four virtues of Sadhana, Samyama, Swadhyaya & Vaijnyanika Seva, co-ordinate our lives with the divine Chakras, integrate Yoga into every aspect of life, achieve a disease-free, old age-free, immortal life by expansion of consciousness and thereby transform the entire mankind into Divine Beings, thus transcending Heaven on Earth.

It is a welcome call to absorb the energy streams of Mount Shamballa, integrate them with the natural divine energies, fuse with the internal latent energies and move ahead in the evolutionary process at a faster pace. In the present times, more than the traditional Bhakti, Jnana and Karma Yogas, it is the Scientific Spirituality and Science of Service which are the order of the day and can uplift in the evolutionary process. At the dawn of New Era, it is not just about treading the path paved by the Gurusatta, but to BECOME THE VERY PATH. Jai Gurudev!