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Brain rock

Learn the science of Spiritualism, you have learnt every thing

Master RK

Human brain is an incredible treasure. Man’s success is solely dependent on the activation and balance between the two hemispheres of the brain, the two most parts of it that project into conscious and subconscious states of the mind. Scientists have deciphered that electromagnetic energy activates the brain right up to the subtlest activity inside viz., the movement of the neurons. Huge amount of Prana Shakti is tapped from the cosmos into the human body through the Medulla Oblongata of the brain. One may consciously put efforts to enhance the power to tap more energy. A natural formation of rock at Mount Shamballa–The Global Power Center represents to the minutest detail the human brain and thus named as the “Brain Rock”. Meditating at the Brain Rock benefits the Sadhaka in ridding off whatever mental ailments and imbalances one may possess and in sharpening the brain to take up and handle tough tasks. The natural rock formations of the Brain Rock, representing the left and right hemispheres of the human brain, are bestowed with divine healing powers. Because of the linkup of Mount Shamballa–The Global Power Center with Divine cosmic energies, meditative sessions at the Brain Rock would certainly awaken subtle latent energies within us and activate certain mystic glands inside. Development of a firm will power is an added physical benefit. Spiritually the Sahasraara gets awakened. For the consciousness to ascend to the state Super Mind, Mount Shamballa’s Brain Rock is a proficient tool.